You may require therapy to aid in your recovery from an injury or surgery. We recognize that it’s important to you to return to your previous activities, whether that be work, sports or hobbies.

Our therapists treat a wide variety of upper extremity injuries, from the shoulder to the finger. They have extensive, specialized training in hand and upper extremity rehabilitation and have earned the distinction of CHT (Certified Hand Therapist)

Our Hand Therapists work closely with our physicians to create customized care plans that relieve pain, restore function and return quality of life. Our in house therapy enables close monitoring of your progress and facilitates communication between your physician and therapist.


Patient involvement is critical to successful rehabilitation. Because every patient is unique, we partner with you to develop a treatment plan specifically designed to meet your physical and emotional needs. Your first visit to therapy will begin with an evaluation from our highly skilled therapist to identify and prioritize the issues of your injury so that both you and your therapist can plan your course of treatment.  We then guide you through the process of recovery. Your therapist communicates your progress to your physician as you work towards reaching your goals.

You can access your home exercise program by clicking on the link and entering the code provided by your therapist.